BetaFlight 4.2.9 ist verfügbar

Ab sofort ist die Betaflight 4.2.9 verfügbar.

Als neue FC wird die iFlight H7 AIO unterstützt

Release Notes:

  • fixed a bug preventing disarming if the PARALYZE switch was used while armed (#10559).


  • fixed issue with serial ports incorrectly using pull down in bidirectional mode (#10388, #10562);
  • fixed potential underflow when using battery hysteresis (#10563);
  • fixed build error when building without MSP displayport support (#10584);
  • fixed bug preventing setting of negative values for RSSI dBm alarm in CMS (#10603);
  • fixed bug preventing the use of all ADC instances on STM32H7 (#10612);
  • fixed bug making the I2C timeout dependent on the system clock speed (#10631);
  • fixed bug making the SPI timeout dependent on the system clock speed (#10657);
  • fixed incorrect version check in MSP_SET_FILTER_CONFIG (#10661);
  • fixed duplicate code bug in the STM32H7 libraries (#10663);
  • fixed build error occurring when buidling with ICM42605 as the only MPU (#10693);
  • fixed bug resulting in a lockup in the SD card initialisation failure when CONFIG_IN_SDCARD is used (#10696).

Target Updates:

  • added new target IFLIGHT_H743_AIO_V2 (#10616, #10718).

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