BetaFlight 4.4.0 RC4 veröffentlicht

BetaFlight ist in der Version 4.4.0 RC4 verfügbar.

Wichtig, auch den BetaFlight Configurator RC4 downloaden.

Release Notes:


  • Disarm on fail-safe when allow arming without fix is enabled and failsafe procedure is set to GPS-RESCUE by @haslinghuis in #12120
  • Flash M25P16: Add QSPI support by @mluessi in #12103
  • Add osd_canvas_width/height variables by @SteveCEvans in #12164


  • FIX: CC2500 not building due to undefined pins. by @blckmn in #12125
  • FIX: SPI_DPS310 not gated correctly by @blckmn in #12131
  • Ensure OSD elements are on canvas by @SteveCEvans in #12144
  • Fix reset PG behaviour and configurator interactions based on USE_OSD_SD and USE_OSD_HD definitions by @SteveCEvans in #12152
  • Avoid debugging other data than RPM telemetry when decoding DSHOT RPM by @damosvil in #12166
  • Improve performance for ELRS SX1280 SPI callbacks and SPI/ELRS handlers. by @hydra in #11460
  • FIX: Hard fault on dump of settings if no OSD selected by @blckmn in #12171

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