BetaFlight 4.5.0 RC2 veröffentlicht

BetaFlight ist seit Heute in der Version 4.5. RC2 verfügbar.

Hier die aktuellen release Notes:

What’s Changed


  • Fix arming when GPS included in build but no active GNSS device attached + revert msp request for SatInfo by @haslinghuis in #13244
  • Led task optimistion by @SteveCEvans in #13247
  • Fix BMI160 gate, improve MPU6500 initialization and optimize directives for maintenance by @haslinghuis in #13237
  • Increasing frequency of MSP protocol in SITL by @Tuxliri in #13253
  • Fix missing GPS PG parameter by @haslinghuis in #13248
  • Fix CLI command „bind_rx“ for CRSF by @KarateBrot in #13267
  • Scale heading appropriately by @SteveCEvans in #13269
  • Add timeout to serial four way interface for ESC programming by @SteveCEvans in #13277
  • Fix F7X2 AXIM flash region by @haslinghuis in #13270
  • Rename USE_QUICK_OSD_MENU by @haslinghuis in #13273

New Contributors

  • @Tuxliri made their first contribution in #13253

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