ExpressLRS Update V2.1

ExpressLRS ist jetzt in der Version 2.1 verfügbar.

Ab dieser Version werden die BetaFPV ELRS Module komplett unterstützt und müssen nicht mehr einen eigenen Fork benutzen.

Es sind noch viele Erweiterungen dazu gekommen, hierzu die englischen Release Notes:

The important stuff

  • Arming state must be HIGH on AUX1 for safety and feature reasons
  • Be sure to flash both the TX and RX as the 1.x and 2.x protocols are incompatible.


The ExpressLRS team would like to thank Axis for all their hard work making some of these awesome enhancements. They did the initial development and implementation of the thermal sensor (LM75A), the gyro sensor (G-sensor), TFT display support, and the framework for the menu system.


  • Added LM75A Sensor support (Currently only on Axis TX) #1151
  • Added auto fan control based on temperature (Currently only on Axis TX) #1151


  • Added gyro sensor used for motion detection (Currently only on Axis TX) #1151
  • Added Automatic display sleep and wakeup (Currently only on Axis TX) #1151
  • Added idle cutoff (Currently only on Axis TX) #1151


  • Added menu page system to change settings (Based on Axis PR) #1151
  • Added 5-way joystick support to navigate the menu #1151
  • Added TFT screen support #1151

Better Web Interface

  • Adds firmware.bin to web UI for quick downloading of firmware to prevent having to build firmware in the field if you want to flash another receiver #1151
  • Regulatory domain added to the web interface for easy reference #1200


  • Even more mega megabaudrates (up to 5250000 baud!) #1174
  • Regulatory domain appears in the lua (whoops on removing that from 1.x!) #1200
  • Fan now has a delay to spin up and spin down (no more fan going to 100% when your dynamic power spikes up) #1255
  • Better RSSI calculation, taking RSNR into account #1258
  • Many, many optimizations #507 #1169

Bug fixes

  • Fix Nonce Slip causing Telem Lost/Recovered Messages #1288
  • Dynamic Power Enhancement #1286
  • Fixed Team900 STM32-based TX without EEPROM bug #1271
  • Fixed Bad packets reported by TX (ESP32 TX’s) #1265
  • Fixed LED colors on BetaFPV #1264
  • Lots of Optimizations #1266, #1269 and more

Hardware Targets


  • Axis Thor TX #1151
  • Axis Thor RX #1151
  • NamimnoRC Flash ESP Diversity RX #1074
  • iFlight 2400TX & RX #1106
  • BetaFPV 2.4 Micro 1000mW #1202


  • iFlight 900TX & RX #1106

A note on versioning

The versioning scheme chosen by the ExpressLRS devs is based on the semantic versioning scheme.
Where a version is defined as “major.minor.patch”
major = major new feature and/or incompatible changes
minor = minor features or enhancements and/or new targets
patch = bug-fixes

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