Gyroflow 1.2.0 veröffentlicht mit DJI Avata unterstützung

Gyroflow ist nun der Version 1.2.0 verfügbar.

Und es hat sich wieder einiges getan! 

Es wird jetzt auch schon der Gyro, der DJI Avata* unterstützt, zusätzlich noch die Gyrodaten von .braw, R3D und Ardupilot log (.bin)

Hier ein Test mit der Hero 8 Lite und standard Settings

Aber jetzt die kompletten Realese Notes:


  • New gyro sources: DJI Avata, Blackmagic RAW (.braw), RED RAW (.R3D), Ardupilot binary log (.bin)
  • Keyframes (right click on any slider and Enable keyframing, then change value)
  • Horizon lock actually locks the horizon now 🚀
  • Automatically detect and join multiple recording parts (that have been split to 4GB)
  • Blackmagic RAW (.braw) direct video playback
  • Improved lens profile search box: Show favorites, show rating, validate aspect ratio and add settings presets there (copy your preset to camera_presets directory)
  • Always save render queue (so it’s preserved after Gyroflow restart)
  • Removed Velocity dampened smoothing method (same result can be now achieved in Default method)
  • Actions after render queue is done (eg. shut down the computer)
  • Show timeline in full screen mode
  • Added „Original“ to export size preset
  • Added a way to specify parallel renders in the render queue
  • Save separate file dialog locations for each type (video, lens, output directory, etc)
  • Added „Default file suffix“ option
  • Official lens profiles for RunCam Thumb, ThumbPro and 5 Orange, and also Insta360 GO 2/Caddx Peanut
  • Added ability to rotate accelerometer separately
  • Include autosync settings in lens profiles, and add ability to run autosync on load
  • Added ability to do the autosync in render queue, either by default in lens profile, or from a preset (if preset contains lens profile with sync params)
  • Allow to use gravity vectors also for other integration methods (GoPro 9 and later)
  • Allow custom sync points timestamps
  • Added new gyro integration method (VQF)
  • Added mute status and playback speed to project files and to presets
  • Added CinemaDNG playback (sort of, colors are wrong, but it’s enough for the autosync)
  • Show a warning when file format was detected, but gyro data is empty
  • Added more keyboard shortcuts
  • Added „Lens is asymmetrical“ to calibrator
  • Added more lens models: OpenCV standard, Poly3, Poly5, PTLens (not used yet though)
  • Windows: set dark title bar in dark mode
  • Automatically switch to quaternions view if file only contains quaternions but not raw gyro
  • Allow setting custom output directory (in the bottom field „Output path“ before dragging files), when you drag multiple files to the render queue directly
  • Added ability to reset all settings to default (at the bottom of Advanced)
  • Added all lens profiles submitted by the community
  • Renamed x264 -> H.264/AVC, and x265 -> H.265/HEVC
  • Updated ffmpeg from 5.0 to 5.1

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash if OpenCL can’t find any devices
  • Fixed selecting device when the preferred one is first
  • Fixed missing icons on Linux
  • Fixed random issue with zooming not updated after loading a file
  • Fixed reading corrupt blackbox files
  • Fixed drawing chessboard on OpenGL
  • Fixed zero-copy preview when using VFR videos
  • Fixed horizon lock, trim range and background when adding .gyroflow file to the render queue
  • Fixed loading image sequences that don’t start at 0
  • Fixed rolling shutter correction bug
  • Better calculation of initial offset when using rs-sync with large search size
  • Stop editing sync points, when deleting all of them
  • Fixed crash when autosyncing on some devices

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