KISS Ultra 2.0.1-B60 veröffentlicht

Ab sofort ist die neue KISS Ultra B60 Firmware verfügbar und es hat sich einiges getan:

Release Notes:

  • Fixed 3D model rotation (Thank you MikeP)
  • Added channel order selector (TAER, AETR) (Thank you krunked and limon (Ivan))
  • Added configurable buzzer alarm on low lipo. (Thank you PR-FPV)
  • Fixed rare main menu redraw issue on analog osd
  • Moved serial port configuration to separate page in osd
  • Added configurable motor magnets to osd (Advanced)
  • Improved RPM assist. A LOT!
  • Rewritten blackbox logger support for latest BF 4.5 goodies. (Thank you BF)
  • Added full flight spectrograph for analog osd. (Hardware tools, Gyro spectrum)
  • Added Gyro spectrum source (raw or filtered) to osd. (Filters page)
  • Fixed call sign editor on analog osd (Thank you Alin)
  • Fixed occasional motor wizard saving issue on blheli (Thank you BangDingOww and Rodrigo Bouvier)
  • Fixed TBS Crossfire tool to support 3.36 (Thank you Alin)

Passend dazu gibt es auch die neue GUI V3.1.7 (wer nicht die Browser Version nutzt.)

Release Notes:

  • Version bump for B60 firmware
  • Fixed model rotation
  • Fixed random saving issue with motor wizard with blheli32
  • Fixed esc flasher page for blheli32 and voltara
  • Fixed saving confirmations
  • Really don’t remember all small things that have been fixed 🙂

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