KISS Ultra Firmware 2.0.1-B51 veröffentlicht

Für die KISS Ultra gibt es jetzt ein großes Update, die Version 2.0.1-B51

Hier hat sich wirklich viel getan, wie man in den Release Notes sehen kann:

Adaptive filter changes

I think coolest feature of this release is adding motor rpm information to the adaptive filter code. Motor RPMs will be taken from DSHOT Telemetry if its available (don’t confuse it with BeDirectional DSHOT, its not the same thing!). To enable telemetry, you (unfortunately) have to connect esc telemetry wire and set Serial 5 port function to ESC Telem/One Wire. In theory it should work on ANY DSHOT capable ESC, but some rare BlHeli ESCs just don’t have that wire (Some HW ESC i think).

Don’t worry, if you don’t wanna put telemetry wire back to your quad, ultra will just skip this addition automatically. But it is highly beneficial to have it anyways. You can check if you have RPM information on data output page graphs in the GUI.

Having this addition allows some pilots even have LPF filter(s) turned off, without any bad behaviour, and even flies better on less then perfect props 🙂 But its up to you to try of course.

As cherry on top, you will be able to see BlHeli ESC info in ULTRA OSD and GUI 🙂

Known bugs: On some BlHelis, you will loose telemetry feed after entering ESC flasher page. Its a BlHeli bug on ATxxx cpus, and it was fixed (Thank you sskaug) and will be soon released. That was fun to find 🙂

Voltage/Current sensors

You may ask, what about „serial 5 has to be disabled“ before to get analog current on BlHeli? Well, There is a solution for this too. From B51 FW you can select individually voltage and current sensor sources. If you select FC Sensor – data will be taken from analog sensors on the FC. If you select ESC Telemetry – data will be taken from DSHOT telemetry. Its an extra step, but makes things way more cleaner and logical. So, NO MORE SERIAL 5 HACK needed.

Battery types

Some people fly lipo.. Some people fly HV lipo or even LiIon packs. You can set your battery type in the OSD or GUI now. This information will be used to calculate right alarm levels and detect amount of cells properly. I plan to add this information to RTH code later on, so you wont stress your battery too much during RTH.

Receiver center point

Some receivers have no means to trim the channels (like DJI remote). This new feature allows you to set center point of your radio channels to certain value. There is a calibration button also available on the data output page that calculates center for you. For most pilots its absolutely not needed, they trim channels as before, and when its set to default (1500) – nothing will change 😉

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