KISS Ultra FW 2.0.1-B49 und GUI 3.0.24

Ab heute ist die KISS Ultra FW 2.0.1-B49 verfügbar.

Es wird die GUI 3.0.24 benötigt.

Es hat sich wieder einiges getan:

Release Notes:

  • Added Factory Reset. GUI 3.0.24 required.
  • Added GUI presets to OSD (FC config, PIDS page, hold select)
  • Added mouse support on all pages of the OSD
  • Fixed menu visibility of certain items only when they make sense 🙂
  • Fixed bug with wrong cc pad mode set, when config was migrated from v1 blheli setup to v2 kiss setup. (Thank you Alin Victor)
  • Fixed bug of sensor moving on VERY fast mouse movements in HD osd editor. (Thank you Alin Victor and MANDOXsquid)

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