TBS Crossfire 4.10 ist nun stable.

TBS Crossfire 4.10 ist nun endlich stable.

Die release Notes:

improved: Tango 2 performance in a cold environment

improved: MAVLink message routing

fixed: turn on WiFI after re-enabling the RF

update: FLARM library

fixed: FLARM not showing up on glidernet

– added: setting to enable/disable receiver internal voltage sensor

– fixed: MAVLink bluetooth disconnection issue

– fixed: CRSF telemetry to WiFi module

– added: 500mW for Tango 2

– fixed: Constantly switching of CRSF flight mode

– fixed: TBS GPS will make the Crossfire menu unable to load

– improved: VTX control from TBS Fusion when VTX is connected via SmartAudio

– Tango2 1W

Crossfire V4.00

WARNING! This update requires FreedomTX V1.21 or newer. Load FreedomTX first. Once loaded it will start the Crossfire bootloader immediately. Load Crossfire V4.00 or newer once the bootloader is detected inside the Agent X.

For more details see TBS Tango 2 product page

Required: Tango 2 needs to update FreedomTX 1.20 before updating crossfire

– added: up to 1W RF power for MicroTX V2

– added: 250mW option for full size TX

– added: WiFi driver for Tango 2

– added: MAVLink over WiFi for all TX targets (requires WiFi V1.15 or newer / UDP Port 8888)

– added: dynamic VTX power support for SA VTXs (requires TBS Fusion

– added: receiver input voltage telemetry sensor added

– improved: MAVLink library updated

– improved: internal code restructuring

– fixed: full size tx OLED joystick hold to modify float parameters

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