BetaFlight 4.3 RC5 released

Ab heute ist Betaflight 4.3 in der RC5 verfügbar

Für RC5 brauchen wir auch den passenden Betaflight Configurator 10.8-RC5 oder höher!

Die Release Notes:

Safety Improvements

  • Added a minimum value of 200ms for failsafe guard time and failsafe recovery time – failsafe_delay in the CLI,
  • Many improvements to failsafe code
  • RXLOSS should now only appear in the OSD after a full 100ms of no Rx signal
  • Default Stage 1 Failsafe period is now 1.5 seconds, close to the Stage 1 period of 1.6s when set to 1.0s in 4.2


  • Fix for DSHOT/Bitbang not holding the line at idle level for the full bit-period
  • Cleaned up [ELRS/NVIC code] (#11461)
  • Fixed a bug where saving a profile could falsely trigge a Rx loss warning (for non pwm/ppm protocols)


  • Fix for the spinning model icon in the Receiver tab
  • Failsafe durations can now be entered in seconds
  • Updated translations
  • Fixes for backup and restore buttons
  • Other small bug fixes


  • Added a release workflow (#11515)

Betaflight 4.3 Known Issues

#11527 ELRS cannot regain control after failsafe (GPS rescue) because stick input is not registering therefore stick threshold cannot be reached
#11518 iFlight Beast H7 V2 no SPI-Flash (BMI270 version)
#11517 FrSky SPI D8 – significant range reduction starting from PR #11380
#11506 Kakute H7 Mini 4.3-RC4 locks up when performing certain actions
#11502 UART1 shows twice in Ports tab, BF Configurator 10.7.2, Diatone Mamba MK4 H743
#11496 clracingf4 goes into DFU mode when setting set_displayport_msp_serial
#11488 Kakute H7 Mini SPI Flash not working
#11484 ESC passthrough configuration behaviour change (non-BL Heli)
#11473 BF4.3 RC3 communication with the equipment is constantly lost Flysky IBUS
#11455 Lumenier H7 ultimate Receiver Glitching Out
#11453 GPS working on H745 in BF4.2 but not in BF4.3 RC3
#11448 BF4.3.0-RC3 Betaflight-tx-lua-scripts are not saved with SPI rx(ExpressLRS)
#11440 HolyBro Kakute H7 Mini ESC Firmware Issue (Blackbox)
#11438 ACC Trim via OSD has been broken somewhere during the implementation of the BF 4.3
#11424 Dshot commands causing motors to spin (when BDIR=OFF)
#11347 OSD stats display shifted vertical moving the title off the top of the display
#11334 ‚Reboot to bootloader‘ boots to wrong bootloader.
#11286 Power & Battery – Auto Calibration Issue
#11260 CAMERA CONTROL on BF 4.3, difficult to enter the menu, or select the right line in the OSD.
#11233 VTX management via OSD don’t work – BETAFPVF4SX1280 – 4.3.0 RC-3
#11416 Configurator hangs after flashing / save & reboot
#11157 Failure to boot caused by re-use of SPI pins.
#11137 Dshot not working on latest master build on G4
#10946 STM32G47X FLASH write not working with blackbox_mode=NORMAL
#10936 Stats is not being saved when Rate profile adjustments are set (latest Master)

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