BetaFlight V4.3 RC6 released

Erst hatte man sich mit der Version 4.3 richtig Zeit gelassen, und nun kommt ein Update nach dem anderen.

Ab heute ist die BetaFlight 4.3 RC6 verfügbar.

Denkt auch daran, den Configurator in der Version RC6 zu verwenden!

Release Notes:

CI Updates:

Updated release.yml (#11525)
Updated stale, no-response and issue templates (#11188)


Removed duplicate line in unit test (#11523)
Widened range of BLHeli/_S device ID (#11513)
Fixed a bug in .bss which uninitialized tasks could not be initialized automatically (#11533)
Fixed GPS rescue failure (#11530)
Fixed no ready beep after GPS was fixed (#11521)
Fixed a bug that caused SPI failures to be repeatedly suspended (#11534)
Fixed OSD visual beeper (#11538)
Fixed failsafe in case of RX sending „failsafe packets“ (#11541)
Fixed CRSF baud negotiation (#11500)
Fixed Frsky range check issues (#11536)
Added support for W25X32 flash chip (#11550)

Documentation Updates:

Updated Code of Conduct to 2.1 (#11419)
Corrected spelling, grammar and formatting of modes doc (#11546)
Updated link of fastRorations.pdf (#11476)
Added doc comment requirement to styleguide (#11490)


Presets fix: proper Esc key handling for preset dialogs by @limonspb in (betaflight/betaflight-configurator#2897)
Updated translations by @McGiverGim in (betaflight/betaflight-configurator#2900)
CLI tab: vertical flex fix and removing scroll bars by @limonspb in (betaflight/betaflight-configurator#2903)
Added storybook setup by @chmelevskij in (betaflight/betaflight-configurator#2899)
Made „Activate bootloader“ button use bootloader in flash if it exists by @klutvott123 in (betaflight/betaflight-configurator#2904)

Target Updates:

Added missing W25Q128 driver to Unified target, IFLIGHT_H743_AIO and IFLIGHT_H743_V2_AIO (#11537)
Added ICM42605, ICM42688P and LSM6DSO support to NEUTRONRCF411SX1280 target (#11545)
Added EMAXF4SX1280 target (#11540)

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