BetaFlight 4.5.0 RC3 veröffentlicht

BetaFlight ist nun in der Version 4.5.0 RC3 verfügbar.

Release Notes:


  • Do not permit MSP on softserial ports as the load on the CPU is too great by @SteveCEvans in #13303
  • Use cpu_late_10ths_percent_limit to set limit on % of late tasks in 10th of a % by @SteveCEvans in #13330
  • Log the standard deviation of gyro cycle time in SCHEDULER_DETERMINISM and TIMING_ACCURACY by @SteveCEvans in #13377
  • Make servos great again by @StNekroman in #13451


  • Fix ESC-Sensor RPM by @haslinghuis in #13286
  • BLHeliSuite32 holds 4wayif code in indefinite loop waiting for ESC so remove timeout by @SteveCEvans in #13287
  • Make high rate IMU DcmKp change relative to user value by @ctzsnooze in #13304
  • Fix OSD defaults based on SD/HD by @SteveCEvans in #13320
  • Enable PINIO if PIN defined in config by @haslinghuis in #13315
  • Do not return MSP_RESULT_ERROR when succesful by @haslinghuis in #13328
  • Ensure MSP channel data is valid by @SteveCEvans in #13352
  • Voltage detection method by @freasy in #13350
  • Allow overriding the spi clock speed for icm42688 by @JBKingdon in #13346
  • TPA_LOW tidy up by @limonspb in #13337
  • Use fixed LED color table in RACE / BEACON LED profiles by @CapnBry in #13339
  • Naming LED Strip overlay rates by @ASDosjani in #13363
  • Update SERIALRX_PROVIDER default by @haslinghuis in #13371
  • Spektrum telemetry minor fix to address false Fastboot alerts on radios with latest update by @SpektrumRC in #13383
  • Increase ez_landing_limit default to 15 (was 5) by @tbolin in #13375
  • Fix Galileo toggling by @haslinghuis in #13384
  • Fix timer interval for battery and RSSI LED indication by @SteveCEvans in #13412
  • Do not go into failsafe when the correct roll/pitch/yaw/throttle are sent via MSP_OVERRIDE by @yrik in #13380
  • Fix space in status output when gps version is unknown by @haslinghuis in #13423
  • Fix code style by @haslinghuis in #13429
  • Fix OSD task timing when using MSP by @SteveCEvans in #13388
  • Include a target’s config.h before common_pre.h. by @hydra in #13439
  • Fix rx spi processing required by @ledvinap in #13454


  • Permit 8kHz PID loop on F405 overclocked to 216MHz by @SteveCEvans in #13356

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