EdgeTX 2.9.2 veröffentlicht

EdgeTX ist in der Version 2.9.2 verfügbar

What’s Changed


  • refactor(mixer): Improve mixer „delay“ option (#4256)
  • feat: Add support being able to OTA flash and configure newer FrSky receivers (#4077)
  • fix: Don’t update (therefore deleting some settings) YAML files on SD card if radio in emergency mode (#4264)
  • fix: Ext module not powered when using SBUS or CPPM trainer (#4167)
  • fix(lua): insertMix function not working (#4129)
  • fix(lua): Do not pass key event that triggered telemetry view to lua (#4168)
  • fix(bw): Model copy going to wrong slot, refresh model headers (#4261)
  • fix(color): No startup/shutdown haptic if haptic mode set to „quiet“ (#4285)
  • fix(color): ‚SWITCH‘ widget option logic, enable for Lua widgets (#4190)
  • fix(color): Value widget not refreshing when telem lost (#4223)
  • fix(color): Refreshing of GPS and DATE_TIME telemetry when using Value Widget (#4250)
  • fix(color): Reading of RGB theme colors in hex format (#4222)
  • fix(color): ‚Reset‘ SF does not show telemetry parameter when edited (#4237)
  • fix(yaml): Do not limit to static MPM protocol definitions (#4146)
  • fix: German voice fixes (Updating voice pack needed for full effect) (#3920, #4242, 4259)


  • fix(cpn): Default calibration values for 6POS switch (#4271)
  • fix(cpn): Add back failsafe settings for protocols that support (#4220)
  • fix(cpn): Non-functional edit model button and context menu entry (#4217)

Please refer to the following for the complete list of changes.
Full Changelogv2.9.1...v2.9.2

To learn more about new features, known issues, and other changes in 2.9.x, please see the release notes for v2.9.0

Supported radios

The full list of supported radios and their support status can be viewed here on the EdgeTX website.

Installation Guide


Flash firmware via Chrome based browser


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