ImpulseOSD / WolfPDB – Update 90.27

Update für das ImpulseOSD bzw WolfPDB auf die Version 90.27.

Hier das englische Changelog dazu:

New features – Wolf V3 and Apex OSD ONLY
  • FlightPath: increased accuracy
  • Black background now also used for statistic screens and stick overlay (if activated)
  • Added option for medium size arrow (Home, Waypoint, Replay)
  • + About twice the size
New features – Wolf V1-V3 and Apex OSD
  • Added Waypoint arrow
  • + Up to 20 waypoints can be set
  • + Optional altitude can be set for each waypoint
  • + Shows arrow with distance similar to home arrow (and altitude if configured)
  • M9N GPS support
  • + Optional 25Hz mode
  • + Concurrent use of all available GNS (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU)
  • FuriousFPV 2.4Ghz VTX support
  • + Note: PIT BOOT not available
  • Sticky High Power option
  • + VTX will stay in High Power setting after you have armed once
1. Various small fixes
2. Improved Flight Path KMZ file export
Please check out the Wiki for the new features:

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