INav 3.0.0 RC2 verfügbar

INav ist jetzt in der Version 3.0.0 RC2 verfügbar.

Wie schon bekannt war, entfällt der Support für die F3 Flight Controller.
Die beliebte Omnibus F3 z. B. hat damit auch ausgedient.


Um ein update von der Version 2.6.X durchzuführen, sollte man nicht das komplette diff / dump zurück kopieren.

Es dürfen nur die Settings für:


übernommen werden.

Hier die englischen Release Notes:

F3 Removal

STM32 F3 flight controllers like Omnibus F3 or SP Racing F3 are no longer supported in INAV. If you are still using F3 boards, please migrate to F4 or F7.

The supporting code will be retained for a few more releases, but will not be maintained and is not guaranteed to build or work properly in the future.


There are now separate adjustments for D and CD/FF gains. This breaks compatibility with diffs from previous releases. Check the adjustments tab in the configurator after restoring a diff to makes sure they are set up correctly.

Font update required

The OSD fonts have been improved (@Jettrel) and there are several new symbols. A font file update is required to use the new symbols and avoid an invalid font warning. Upload the updated font of your choosing from the OSD tab.

New targets:

  • Diatone MambaF405US_I2C
  • FLYWOOF411_V2
  • Mamba F722_I2C
  • FLYWOOF745


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