TBS Fusion Firmwareupdate V2.15

Für das TBS Fusion* ist nach 3-monatiger Entwicklung die Firmware V2.15 verfügbar.

Um die Firmware in vollen Umfang zu nutzen, ist die Cloud Firmware V1.41 nötig.
Eine erstklassige deutsche Anleitung zur Cloud findet Ihr im Blog von Kamikatze FPV

Die Firmware für das Fusion Module, kann wie gewohnt über den aktuellen TBS Agent X geladen werden.


Gute Neuigkeiten auch für Orqa Besitzer, hier wird es bald ein passendes Cover geben.


Aber nun zu den Release Notes:

– Oled improvements:

– Main Matrix screen new graphics and better arrangement in elements.

– Master Menu and Sub menus redesign

– Auto lock User interface more interactive and easy to use. move through the best channels, and choose what to watch

– Multi lock (Spectator mode) improved interface. Fast scanning the entire 5Ghz, and watch the channels found with Up/Down


– Band scanner improved to perform like a Spectrum Analyzer.

From the OLED you can check each band with Up/Down button

From the OSD side you can check optimal noise level , current noise level and RSSI spikes. Select band with right click

– While you choose your channel from Matrix , you are going to see two Scanners

a Broad Ultra Quick Spectrum analyzer from 5Ghz-6Ghz , showing Noise , and a dedicated band scanner,

user can overview the entire 5GHz spectrum in one click.

– Focus Target, a Square or a Cross into center of your screen for better focus on a track


– Locking Joystick, unlocks with one click( left, right, up, down). Selecting the channel with Enter Button tunes to the channel and locks joystick again.

– Left Click is Always used to Exit from every Feature (except Matrix)

– Menu Options are selected in list format

– CRSF menu enrichment with all the settings of Fusion.

– Custom Frequency , (push and hold center button) Select a custom frequency, With Up/Down by 1Mhz , Left/Right by 10Mhz

TBS Cloud / CRSF Synchronization (requires latest Wi-Fi firmware connecting Fusion to your Crossfire / Tracer / Tango 2)

– Bypass TBS Cloud: Fusion can now directly connect to other Wifi devices, bypassing mobile device and online connectivity

– VTX synchronization:

Follow: Fusion automatically selects the current VTX frequency

Lead: User chooses from quick menu of Matrix (push and hold center button) to send Fusion frequency to VTX

Auto-Lead: Every change in Fusion frequency, the VTX tunes to that frequency automatically

– Dynamic VTX Power: new algorithm with quick ramp up and slow ramp down

– Telemetry OSD: Check Battery , VTX data , Crossfire LQ, GPS info or all of them together from your OSD

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