TBS Tracer & CRSF Update 6.13

Die Version 6.12 hatte wohl ein paar Probleme, darum ist sie auch kurz darauf aus dem TBS Agent verschwunden.

Ab heute gibt es Abhilfe, mit der Version 6.13 für Tracer und Crossfire

Die, wie gewohnt, über den TBS Agent geladen wird.

ACHTUNG! Bitte das update 2 durchführen, Update und dann einen Refresh.

Release Notes:

– IMPORTANT: You may have to run the update twice (1x Update, 1x „Refresh“), as all update protocols have been revised and improved.
– Replaces v6.12 and 6.10
– Added baro sensor support
– fixes update issues with Agent X for full-size TX, TX Lite and MicroTX
– fix: bug in Tango 2/Mambo configs storage in v6.12 (perpetual recalibration)
– fix: backwards compatibility of EEPROM.bin
– resilient OTA updates with improved security
– restored PWM channel maps due to popular demand
– faster binding after OTA update
– improve reliability of SD card on Tango 2 / Mambo
– add idle-up to Gimbal Bypass mode for KiSS users
– fix: MAVLink V1 issue in v6.10
– fix: binding issue after OTA update
– minor: fix for double pop-up during OTA
– minor: new LED blinking patterns for OTA
– minor: ask users to reload fw in Agent M, not Agent X
– minor: Tracer link stats fix for Betaflight OSD
– minor: multiple child firmwares in the SD cards
– minor: violet LED color on Tango 2 for validating firmware
– minor: more responsive RGB LED
– fix: Tango2 / Mambo random PPM pulse before startup

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