Update zu dem ImpluseRC Alien 4.5 neuer Framebody

ImpulseRC hat den 4″ Body nachbearbeitet. Die Topplate ist jetzt 2mm anstat 1,5mm. Des weiteren wurden noch ein paar Änderungen druchgeführt.


We’ve made some updates to the top and main plate to increase material in areas which could develop problems over time.

We moved from a 1.5mm to a 2mm top and main plates which significantly increases resistance to damage from certain types of crash. Stiffness of the entire frame is increased which benefits both the durability as well as the flight characteristics.

A huge upgrade to the camera mount finally now natively supports locking in all modern cameras and provides a full box section at the front of the frame for maximum strength. Yes, we also now have a slammed version too!

We love your feedback, even if it stings sometimes, and want to try to continue to update and improve. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

• RED = material added
• LIGHT GREY = material removed
• DARK GREY = no change

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